Pujas for Special Occasions


Pujas (formal prayer ceremonies) can be offered to the Buddhas of the three times to request their blessings and to seek their help. By requesting blessings in this way, we avert negativity, purify obstacles, help change unfavorable circumstances, and accumulate immense merits. Pujas are also performed to transmit prayers and make offerings to enlightened beings, local deities, and other beings inhibiting the environment to assist to appease them and thereby to purify obstacles, gain favorable conditions and improve to the environment.

Pujas can also be requested on behalf of oneself, a loved one, friends, and all sentient beings.


Pujas have various benefits:

In most cases our resident teacher Ven. Dorzin Dhondrup Rinpoche can advise on the most appropriate puja. Our centre currently provides request of following special pujas:

For the Living:

For the Deceased:

* includes Amitabha Puja, Vajrasattva Puja, Chenrezig Puja and Sur Offering Puja.