Dorzin Dhondrup Rinpoche Birthday Celebration 2020



10 September marks the 51st birthday of Dorzin Dhondrup Rinpoche!


Some students had initially invited Rinpoche as a guest to join in a student-led White Tara practice in honor of his birthday. After receiving the invitation, Rinpoche compassionately said that instead of doing it just for him, he would conduct the practice in return for the long life and good health of our Guru H.E. Garchen Rinpoche and all lineage masters.


As such, we invite all dharma friends to join in the White Tara practice and the accumulation of White Tara mantra counts as the best form of offering for all lineage masters to live long, the benefit of all sentient beings and world peace. We implore all dharma friends to use this opportunity to pledge the number of mantra counts of your choice to be completed within September to form the birthday gift for Rinpoche.


Apart from this, Rinpoche also humbly said that should any student who makes monetary offering to him on his birthday just as he did in previous years, he would channel all offering to the Building Fund of Drigar Thubten Dargye Ling. This would contribute to the fulfillment of Garchen Rinpoche’s wish for students to have a permanent centre to practice the dharma.


Let’s join our wishes for Rinpoche to have a Happy Birthday through these meaningful contribution in accordance to his altruistic intent!

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